Why React developers should modularize their applications?

What is a modular structure?

Organization by squads and tribes

What if the same pattern gets applied to programming?

“Do one thing and do it well“

— Unix philosophy

Application divided by modules

Why you should follow this structure?

A/B testing a module can be as simple as having a second module

Applying this concept to your React applications

The Security module is used by other modules

Advanced level: the multi-package repository

Juggling a multi-module project over multiple repos is like trying to teach a newborn baby how to ride a bike.

— Sebastien McKenzie — creator of Babel, Yarn, Facebook Engineer

GitHub’s Code Owners feature
/SellersApp <--- those are the app containers with navigation
/.eslintrc <--- same lint rules
/jest.config.js <--- same jest config

Wrapping up

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