I work for a digital bank as Mobile Tech Lead. This article has been written in the context of showing the community what to expect from building a large scale React-Native application. This is my own perspective and doesn’t disclose the full reality of our mobile application.

When you start building a new application, the possibilities are infinite. You get to choose exactly the technologies you want to use. Starting a project that’s expected to grow to a large codebase is also a huge responsibility. …

1up, Shroom by Daniel Key

Every developer has a unique set of career development goals. It is one thing to be talented yet another to work hard and excel. Whether you’re just starting off in your career or preparing your next move, there are always ways to improve your performance and stand out.

I’ve noticed over my career that so many developers often think they only need to be strong in technical thinking, architecting and building software. Technical skills are important for a developer but you need more than that to become great at your job.

I’ve been programming for over 15 years. I’ve started…

Functional programming has become a topic of great interest to the javascript community. Developers want to build more predictable applications by composing functions and assembling components where each piece has its own responsibility. It’s the ultimate modular paradigm.

When it comes to building software, be it a website, a mobile application, or any type of computer software, one of the most noticeable problems is the difficulty to comprehend large projects with complex codebases, often involving dozens of programmers. As a developer, it is common to spend more time figuring out what the code does rather than actually writing code.


Redux composition and encapsulation at large scale

Building a large scale application can be problematic, and as it grows it becomes more and more challenging and crucial to keep the structure organized. Redux provides great benefits from having a global application state, but on the other hand it can become messed up easily and break your app.

I previously demonstrated How to better organize your React applications, where I expose the benefits of a feature-based architecture for React applications. If you require to use Redux, you might wonder how you can use this structure and apply the same type of separation of concerns without the pain.


What I’ve learned from building web, then mobile apps with React

React-Native has been around for about 2 years, and became a really interesting framework since it can be used for Android and let us build cross-platform mobile apps. A few contributors also customized the framework to build desktop apps for Mac and Windows, which is quite cool.

React-Native is very similar to ReactJS in a way, but there are differences you need to know before you start your first native app. …

It’s essential to many apps, and I myself have been wondering how I could provide a secure way for my users to register and authenticate to my apps without third-party strategies. Finding working examples online has been tough, so I have decided to implement my own based on the few examples I could find.

The main goal of this article is to show you how to create and setup a few useful services to improve the life cycle of your app, to authenticate a user and access protected resources.


  • I will be demonstrating the authentication using a simplified version of…

I’ve been working on very large web applications for the past few years, starting from ground zero and, with a dozen other developers, making them scale up to now be used by millions of people. And sometimes, if you didn’t start with a good folder structure, it can become difficult to keep your code organized.

Nathanael Beisiegel wrote an interesting article where he explains his strategy in the organization of large React applications, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied by his approach. …

Alexis Mangin

Javascript Application Developer

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